Dear Judges and Volunteers
Each year, we strive to make our event bigger and better than ever and this year there's no exception. One of the ways that we are working to improve our event is to provide as much information and training for our Judges and Volunteers. In order to do this, is hosting a Judges and Volunteer’s meetings to discuss how the tournament will operate and to clarify duties and rules.

And we are requesting that each Judge and Volunteer to attend 1 of these meetings and inviting all
meeting attendees to join the lunch after. The meetings will be held at Tiger Claw Kung Fu Tai Chi
Magazine office at:

TC Media / Tiger Claw Office
40748 Encyclopedia Circle
Fremont, CA 94538

The dates for the meetings are (please choose 1) and lunch is provided after the meeting:
Sunday, April 13th, 2014 @ 10 am.
Wednesday, May 7th, 2014 @ 10 am.

If you haven’t, please RSVP , and let me know which meeting you are going to attend and whether you'll be Judging or Volunteering.

You can find more information regarding the Competition by clicking the following link

Yours Truly in the Arts,

Martha Hertanu