Dear Judges,

Happy Year of the Dog!  This year marks the 10th Annual Tiger Claw Elite Championship.   There are a lot of rule changes this year so we hope you can attend one of our Tiger Claw Judges’ Union meetings because there is a lot of changes to cover this year.  We have a NEW EXTERNAL DIVISION dedicated exclusively to Songshan Shaolin – the Kung Fu directly from Shaolin Temple. On Saturday evening, we will hold an Overall Grand Champion Finale where all ages of the Advanced Division Champions of Traditional Kung Fu, Songshan Shaolin and Modern Wushu compete on stage for the Grand Prize. We have NEW WEAPONS DIVISIONS so traditional weapons will be separated by usage – one-handed or two-handed weapons.  What’s more, there will be three Showcase Championships on stage, the WildAid Tiger Claw Championship, the Year of the Dog – Top Dog Championship, and the Ku Yu-Cheung Bak Sil Lum Championship. All Showcase Champions receive unique prizes and special attention in our post Championship coverage.

Here are the TCJU dates for Spring of 2018:

Tiger Claw Judges’ Union Meeting
Tiger Claw Headquarters, Fremont
We are holding three preparatory meetings to review rules and update you on changes.  The first is exclusively for Mandarin-speaking Internal Judges.  You need only attend one of these meetings.  Lunch will be provided.
Sunday May 6, 2018: 10AM-1PM
Tuesday May 8, 2018: 11AM-2PM

May 19-20: 10th Annual Tiger Claw Elite Championship
San Jose Convention Center’s South Hall
Saturday: External Divisions & Evening Overall Grand Champion Finale
Sunday: Internal Divisions & Showcase Championships

Please sign up for any of these of events with TCJU coordinator Chris Lewin at (510-668-1100).  Also please visit to see if your photo has been posted.  If it has not, please email a photo to Chris and we’ll get that added as soon as possible.

We hope to see you at U.C. Berkeley this weekend!  If you find Jonny Oh or me there and let us know you’ll be at 10th Annual Tiger Claw Elite Championship, we’ll give you a special gift for being part of the Tiger Claw Judge’s Union.

Thank you for your service to the Chinese Martial Arts community!

Gene Ching, TCJU Organizing Committee
Publisher, Kung Fu Tai Chi &