RSVP by April 12th, contact Joan Chien or Gene Ching at 510-668-1100

In order to improve judging, Tiger Claw is launching the Tiger Claw Judge’s Union. Through this organization, we will work together to raise the standards of competition by improving the quality and efficiency of judging. The Tiger Claw Judge’s Union is open to select individuals by invitation only. As a Union Member, judges can earn compensation with TC Rewards Points. Union membership is FREE. All registered participants will be presented with Certificates of Membership. The school with the most participants will receive a Recognition Award.


The Tiger Claw Judge’s Union has even more benefits for School Owners! After our Open House, Tiger Claw invites School Owners to a special hour-long seminar on school building. This seminar will give you new ideas on how to bring in more revenue to your school. Typically you could only learn these revenue-builders through paid seminars or business associations, but by working with Tiger Claw and Kung Fu Tai Chi magazine, you get these free! Tiger Claw is the first and only company that will reward you for judging with both TC Rewards Points AND tips to help you build your school.

Beyond the Tiger Claw Elite Championship, Tiger Claw works with all styles of martial arts and sponsors dozens of tournaments across the country every year. Unfortunately, despite having America’s richest region for Chinese Martial Arts, there are only a few local Chinese Martial Arts tournaments, and few are as longstanding as those under the Tiger Claw banner. Of course, as the publishers of Kung Fu Tai Chi, the last newsstand magazine devoted to the full range of Chinese Martial Arts in North America, no competition gets as ample coverage.

This year, Tiger Claw is reviving the Tiger Claw Elite Championship by continuing with the 5th Annual Tiger Claw’s Championship and adding two new competitions, Tiger Claw’s Taekwondo Championship and Tiger Claw’s Traditional Karate Championship. The 2013 Tiger Claw Elite Championship will be held at the McEnery Convention Center where Tiger Claw’s Championship has been held.